The list of books below will provide you with everything you need to know about establishing and running a high-quality child-care business where children will learn, play, and thrive. These books address key, real-world topics such as operating, managing, recruiting, hiring, organization culture, professional development, and discipline policies.

The Early Childhood Director's Guide to Solving Everyday Challenges

You are not alone!

Regardless of the type of early childhood center you lead, you have a diverse set of responsibilities, and managing them all can often feel like a delicate balance. The Early Childhood Director’s Guide to Solving Everyday Challenges examines real-world issues experienced at actual child-care centers.

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School-to-Home Connections: Simple Strategies for Early Childhood Educators

School-to-Home Connections is bursting with ideas for early childhood educators. Inside, you’ll find simple ways to explain developmentally appropriate practice to parents, ideas on partnering with them on their child’s journey to school readiness, and tips for nurturing families’ active involvement in the school community.

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The Basics of Leading a Child-Care Business

The Basics of Leading a Child-Care Business, the second book in The Business of Child Care series, explains how to develop and lead a high-quality program where children can play and learn in the care of a well-educated, committed, and trained workforce.

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Build Your Dream Team

How to Recruit, Train, and Retain Early Childhood Staff

Finding the right people to staff your center is challenging! Build Your Dream Team will help you take the first step to creating your plan and will remain your right-hand guide as you hire, onboard, and nurture your new all-stars.

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The Basics of Starting a Child-Care Business

As more families shift to both parents working outside the home, the demand for high-quality child care continues to rise, creating ample opportunity for entrepreneurs like you. The Basics of Starting a Child-Care Business, the first book in The Business of Child Care series, walks readers through each step of planning, developing, and launching their own child-care business.

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Inspiring Early Childhood Leadership

Eight Strategies to Ignite Passion and Transform Program Quality

A positive, strengths-based leadership system is the key to transforming the quality of early childhood programs. Inspiring Early Childhood Leadership lays out strategies designed to support program leaders in finding new ways to reduce the levels of stress on themselves and their staff, and move into a unified, engaging system for leading with passion, intention, and purpose.

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Family Child Care Basics

Advice, Activities, and Information to Create a Professional Program

Beginning a new business venture can be a daunting task, and setting up an in-home child care program can be especially challenging. From creating a healthy, safe environment for children to developing engaging activities that can be used to shape daily plans, Family Child Care Basics shows how to plan and implement a program where children will learn, play, and thrive.

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The Visionary Director, 2nd Edition

A Handbook for Dreaming, Organizing, and Improvising in Your Center

Create a larger vision in your child care program and perform your job as a center director with motivation and creativity. The Visionary Director reflects new requirements and initiatives in early childhood programs. You will find a concrete framework for approaching and organizing your work, as well as principles, strategies, and self-directed activities to support your vision for building a strong learning community for your staff and the young children in their care.

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The Practical Guide to Quality Child Care

This uniquely comprehensive manual is a clear, easy-to-read handbook that provides specific guidelines for virtually every aspect of early childhood administration.Contents include: sample criteria, procedures for program development, schedules, applications, and evaluation forms. An invaluable tool for child care facility manager.

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