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Preparing the Perfect Pumpkin Party


It’s officially fall and with the approach of Halloween, pumpkins are sure to abound! To take advantage of such festive fruits, we have a couple of fun ways you can incorporate pumpkins into your Halloween party! Whether it’s a holiday party for the classroom or you’re hosting a party for […]

Play It Safe for Halloween!


Guest post by Laura Wilhelm Crisp fall winds are starting to blow as children are excitedly planning what they are going to be for Halloween! Along with these traditions, here are some precautions to consider: Costumes and shoes that are safe and comfortable Areas that are well lit Adults who […]

A Safety Tip for Halloween!


It’s Day 2 of our week of Halloween Hacks for Parents! Though there are a lot of fun traditions to engage children for the holiday, it’s also important to ensure their safety. The CDC has some great tips you may want to keep in mind as you go trick or […]

5 DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids!

Mike Wazowski Costume

Of course, imagination has always been encouraged in young children, but did you know dramatic play has been proven to improve social skills, expand vocabulary, and develop fine and gross motor skills? There are so many benefits for children who take on roles and become something they’re not! Not only […]

Quote of the Week


Children’s natural sense of curiosity is already present; all we have to do is provide direction for their growth and exploration. Open up the world to exploration and discovery by making science engaging to kids! Enter here for your chance to win “Science, Not Just for Scientists!” by Leonisa Ardizzone: #BookGiveaway #ScienceLearning

Quote of the Week


Once you fall in love with learning, you’ll never stop. Help children discover their love of learning early! #PreschoolMatters #earlyeducation Don’t forget to enter our book giveaway this week for Math in Minutes. Challenging and fun, children will be solving problems in no time! Enter here for your chance to win:

Quote of the Week


When educators and students approach the classroom seeking to learn something new, everyone has something to offer, and true collaboration can begin. -Don’t forget to enter this week’s book giveaway for Bountiful Earth, songs about appreciating the planet we live on through music education. Enter here for chance to win:


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