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Quote of the Week


Careers are important, but so are the faces filling them. Remind children that they’ll never stop learning, no matter where life takes them. Don’t forget to enter our weekly book giveaway for Seven Skills for School Success, simple activities to ensure little ones are socially and emotionally prepared for the school year.

Play it Safe with Food Allergies 


Guest Post by Laura Wilhelm A new school year brings fresh opportunities and challenges. Educated staff can help prevent supervisory neglect through food safety. About 2.5% of people in the United States have food allergies. The numbers have been rising over the past few decades, especially in children. The top eight […]

Quote of the Week


Every child has a unique personality. Don’t forget to appreciate the small differences in your students or children and enjoy the learning process along the way. Inspire language learning in children with our latest release, Raising a Talker, by Renate Zangl. Enter our book giveaway here for your chance to win:

Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week

When children get to reflect on their own interests and strengths, they realize how special they really are. By assuring children that although they may not be able to do everything that their brothers or sisters or peers can do, they are unique individuals with special abilities they can share. […]

The Preschool-to-Prison Pipeline


Guest Post: The Preschool-to-Prison Pipeline by William DeMeo, PhD In a recent interview with CNN, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan discussed the phenomenon of the preschool to prison pipeline associated with the record number of young children being expelled from preschool programs across the country. Reason for a Call to […]


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