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Play it Safe at the Lake or Pool!


Guest Post: Laura Wilhelm July is Lakes Awareness Month! As the weather heats up, lakes, rivers, and pools are great places to cool down. Supervisory neglect can lead to drowning, so we want to play it safe! Drowning is the leading unintentional cause of death of children age 1-4 (SafeKids […]

Quote of the Week


 Preschoolers learn so many things while in class, whether it’s social and emotional development, cooperative play, or simply bonding with peers to form life-long friends. The classroom in a nurturing environment that is sure to prepare every child for a bright future! Learn how to identify and prevent neglect in children, whether at home […]

Quote of the Week


 Want to encourage reading in your kids? Read together! Children, like sponges, will absorb your daily habits. Bring out your favorite books and read aloud, even if they are too young to follow along. You never know how many life lessons and adventures they are soaking in when they listen to you read! […]

4 Books to Prevent Summer Slide


Have you heard of summer slide? No, it doesn’t involve a trip to the park! Summer slide is what educators are using to describe the trend of learning loss students experience over the summer from lack of academic instruction. But all learning doesn’t have to take place in the classroom! […]

Quote of the Week


Sometimes, the best thing we can do for children is to let them be little. Learn from students and enjoy the small things in life. -Has your little one taught you a simple life lesson? Share with us by commenting below. #childwisdom

Quote of the Week


Use art to awaken joy in your children! You’ll see them flourish and grow as they learn with something as simple as a stroke of a paintbrush. If you’re looking for ways to support your budding artist, enter this week’s giveaway for “First Art,” art experiences for toddlers and twos by author MaryAnn […]


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