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3 Creative Snacks for Your Preschooler!


If you’re the parent of a preschooler, then you know they LOVE snack time. What’s fun about preparing simple, nutritious snacks is that it provides an opportunity for children to get involved. Turn your snack time into quality time spent with your toddler as you bring creative recipes to life! (And […]

Make a Gift for Grandparents’ Day!


Grandparents’ Day is this Sunday! Remembering to make time for family can be a challenge, especially when everyone has such busy schedules! But taking your child to spend some quality time with relatives will not only foster family engagement and learning, but will also make their grandparents’ day! Here is […]

Quote of the Week


You never know where a book will take you. Imagine the possibilities. #earlyliteracy -Don’t forget to enter our weekly book giveaway for Pam Schiller’s Me, My Family, and Friends. Sing along to songs about people that mean the most by entering here for your chance to win:


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